Spring Teas: A Rite of Passage

Spring has sprung and the teas have begun! Today marks the start of our spring teas when students host a special guest to an hour of song, poetry, food and tea in their classroom. It is a joyous occasion that begins much earlier in the year with very young students practicing their fine motor skills with everyday practical life activities, like pouring, scooping and scrubbing a table, as well as exercises like walking on the line, balancing tea cups on their saucers, and practicing good manners with grace and courtesy. For older students, the spring tea is an opportunity to showcase their writing and research skills, as well as emerging public speaking skills, as students present a country of their choice at the annual geography fair. Below: This integrated, cross-curricula geography project demonstrates Montessori elementary at its best with its in-depth, comprehensive, and independent study.

4th and 5th Year Students Prepare for the Spring Tea and the Geography Fair

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