Consider a Brixham Montessori Lower Elementary Education

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PEACEFUL. FLUID. CALM. QUIET. ENGAGING. BEAUTIFUL. REAL.     These are the words parents most recently used to describe their BMFS lower elementary classroom observation.

RESOURCEFUL. ENGAGED. HAPPY. CONNECTED. INDUSTRIOUS. CONFIDENT.                                                                                                                         These are the words parents most recently used to describe the students during the lower elementary observation.

When people think of Montessori, they often think of preschool.  But here at Brixham, Montessori does not need to be limited!  Take a look at our most recent lower elementary newsletter to get a glimpse into our classroom and see what you think!

We are currently accepting applications for our lower (1st-3rd grade) and upper (4th-5th grade) elementary program! Please join us on Tuesday, January 7th for our lower elementary information session!  RSVP at 207-351-2700

View a lower elementary weekly newsletter HERE.

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