Today’s delight is the discovery of a lone Lady Slipper along our nature trail. Spotted by the keen eyes of one of our fifth year students, we have in our midst a rare, wildflower beauty nestled among some leaf litter. The deer must have found her first as she was missing her top, but there’s hope for next year if we can protect her with a cage says Marlane Bottino, one of our elementary teachers.  The upper el students will decide how to best fashion this cage, but with any luck, next year our wildflower will multiply! Other discoveries along the nature trail include a River Birch, Star Flowers, Sasparilla and Canada Mayflowers. There were also four different types of ferns (Royal Fern, Cinnamon Fern, Spinulose Wood Fern and Sensitive Ferns), and four different types of wild shrubs (Honeysuckle, Blueberry, Arrowhead and Rose).  What a lot of diversity in our own backyard!

Marlane and upper el

Teacher Marlane explains how to look for variations among ferns to Upper El students

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